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  • 21.07.2018 12:36


I've charged it probably 10-20 times via USB; the jack was always a VERY tight fit with the cable, so I've always been careful with it when inserting/removing the cable. But even so, this time the USB jack tore off the board. I'm slightly confused as to how the jack is attached mechanically and electrically, not having worked much with surface-mount components. As far as I can tell, it was attached mechanically by four "feet" (tabs extending outward from the bottom surface of the jack) soldered to pads on the board; these pads appear to have torn off with the jack. The electrical connection is presumably through the four tiny conductors at the end of the jack, which appear to connect to four corresponding tiny conductors on the board -- but apparently they're held in electrical contact solely by pressure. Is that right? If I'm right about the solder pads for the mechanical connection being torn off, do I have any hope of supergluing or otherwise reattaching the jack precisely enough to restore the tenuous electrical contact of the four tiny conductors? Can you suggest any other means of repairing?

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